Carly Chasen

Carly Chasen

Phone: (858)299-5699

Offering my attention to a very select few…

Most people have come to realize that being an elite escort is about so much more than just an attractive woman garbed in the latest designer fashion.  It’s about the whole experience you share as two people.  Wonderful shared moments that are only achieved when we give to one another and not take.

Once invited into my world of elite companionship you will experience an indulgence and a loyalty like no other.  One of your most valued relationships where you can be your true self and have the total freedom to live your life as deserved.  A lady who is at once devoted to you becoming entirely invisible at your convenience.

I pride myself on authentic encounters.  I have the most discriminating regularly returning friends of which I am proud and flattered have the highest expectations and often return to me within days or even hours of meeting me.

I can hardly wait to start our exciting adventure however long or brief it may be.





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